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Psia Połówka for iOS

The Goal

Psia Połówka is a virtual dog shelter app that allows you to search easily and efficiently for your future adopted dog. It works more efficiently than just going to the pet shelter itself - the goal is to gather all the shelter dogs from many pet shelters in just one place - in Psia Połówka app. That would give them much bigger chance to get noticed by larger amount of potential owners. It would also give people a chance to find the right dog. The app Psia Połówka is designed to make adoptions easier and to encourage people to adopt instead of buying. 


I got the idea and the vision of the app, how it should all work but I had to ask myself one question - how could I make my design outstanding and different from other similar apps?

Native first

First of all I decided the target group. The whole idea was inspired by viewing local pet shelter profiles that I follow on Facebook. Everyday I see several posts mostly with pictures of dogs, with their descriptions and contact details. I looked more closely at these posts, checked what people usually need to know about the dog, how the contact information is written and how the contact is oraganized. I based some of the funcionalities of my app on this research - for example the most important Interview process which helps users to make custom profile of their ideal pet. All of this helped me to design the app specifically for the local pet shelters, but also simple enough to be used by any pet shelter, in any town or region.


While analayzing the needs of both users looking for a pet and pet shelter workers/volunteers, I distinguished two personas: 


  • 39 years old

  • a volunteer in pet shelter - adoption manager, helps with managing Facebook account

  • works part time as lab technician

  • uses iPhone SE on daily basis

  • expects fast processes and easy access so that she could be in touch with potential owners as often as possible

  • languages: Polish (native), English (intermediate)



  • 59 years old

  • works full time as an accountant

  • lives in single family home with her husband

  • they don't have any pet yet

  • looking for family dog

  • uses iPhone SE on a daily basis

  • expects very easy and intuitive interface

  • doesn't know any foreign language (native language: Polish)



Coming up with solutions and making design decisions

There are two panels of the app. One is for users seeking a pet and the other is for pet shelter users. First type of user just clicks "User" option, register and he/she is ready to fully use the app. Second way of entrance is also easy - the idea is to give pet shelter representative a specific code which they use in the beginning of registration, so that nobody else could add dog profiles. There is also a registration process, much shorter, just basic contact information. (Work on this panel interface is in proccess, coming soon).


I mapped out the entire flow with all entry points.

New identity

One of my main goals was to keep the app friendly and casual. I was aiming to make interface enjoyable and ecouraging to use.

App screens


Interview process

Prototype was created wih Adobe XD

My process

Mockup source: www.anthonyboyd.graphics