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© 2019 by Justyna Boniecka

Promotion and advertising  - stamp project

I designed a special stamp that can be used in a variety of ways for a smart promotion and advertising of my artworks

and portfolio. The eyes are a vectorised version of one of my artworks (self-portrait, acrylic painting). The code redirects to my portfolio and art works - basically this website :) And the bottom line aims to attract attention even more. I decided on designing the stamp because it is very easy and quick way of creating as many promotion elements as I want - it only depends on my imagination where I can "print" it. This project is a proof that small budget and high quality can actually go together. I don't need to produce expensive stationary or order expensive promotion materials because I can manually "print" it using my stamp literally everywhere. I can quickly "print" business cards or flyers by pressing it on paper. I can press it on the envelope or make

a headed paper or any other stationery I want. Of corse, I can use it also as a design for bag or t-shirt. I prepared different colour versions of my design that can be used on variety of products.