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vShare for iOS

The idea is to design the social media tool with non limited number of no-meat recipes. vShare is created by vegetarians, vegans, semi-vegetarians and many others for their community.


I got the whole idea of the app because of my own personal experience and observation of people around me. There are many vegetarians, people who limit their meat consumption on daily basis and people who just like vegetarian food. There are those who choose to be vegetarian because of moral reasons and those who just choose this diet because of health reasons. My aim is to gather all of these people in one place and let them create broad vegetarian community and to make sharing of no-meat diet lifestyle easier. There are many motives behind becoming vegetarian, semi-vegetarian, vegan and so on. I created the survey in order to define the needs of my target group and to understand the vegetarian area.

The results of the survey are available here (survey is in Polish): 

Main conlusions effecting the app functionality

Thanks to my survey I discovered that

  • the largest groups of people (taking to consideration group that I was studying which is Warsaw and area around Warsaw) are vegetarians and vegans; pescevegetarians are the third biggest group (but it's still less than 30% of all)

  • even 69% of survey participants doesn't check kcal before preparing the meal

  • 90% of survey participants use Internet as a main sources of knwoledge about food and recipes

This knowledge let me decide what kind of filter will be used in the app. I decided on 2 additional filter options: vegan and pescevegetarian (vegetarian is a default option). At first I was considering adding kcal information to the recipes but after the survey I decided that this additional information isn't essential - as the survey showed. The last conclusion only confirmed that the whole idea of the application with veg-option recipes could be useful for my target group.



  • 24 years old

  • lives in Warsaw

  • became vegetarian because of moral reasons

  • doesn't pay attention to kcal while preparing the meal

  • 3 times a week eats outside (restaurant, work restaurant)

  • uses recipes from the Internet



  • 30 years old

  • lives in Warsaw

  • became vegan because of health reasons

  • doesn't pay attention to kcal while preparing the meal

  • 2 times a week eats outside (restaurants)

  • uses recipes from the Internet, from the books and her own recipes


Local research

I have also checked how the situation looks like in Warsaw. The website happycow.net has listed the most vegan cities in the world. The list is determined by three factors: the number of vegan restaurants in a 5-mile radius in the most vegan restaurant-dense area in each city, the number of vegan/vegetarian/veg-option restaurants in the same 5-mile radius, and their impression of the over-all vegan-friendliness of the city. The whole article with all the details is available under the link: https://www.happycow.net/vegtopics/travel/top-vegan-friendly-cities.

According to this research Warsaw is on the 7th place in the worldwide classification. How does this affect vShare? Simply, starting with natives is often a good idea to popularize the new product.

Challenges to Success

  • attracting the large number of users, encouraging them to join the community and share their recipes

  • making sharing recipes easy

  • expanding the target group (from locals to worldwide)


Conclusions I made after the research let me understand the top purpose of designing. I aimed to make it easy to access, useful for all the veg-options users distinguished during the survey and respond to their needs. Along with UX design decisions I created the first UI and brand element - the logo that aims to encourage users, inspires trust and joyfulness.


  • personal account with recipes

  • saved recipes library

  • main browser

  • categories: dinner, breakfast, snack, dessert

  • filters: search manually (by name), search by vegan, search by pescevegetarian

  • messages

  • followers/following list


The account creating process is quick and requires only basic information about the user - email address, password and user name.

Add recipe

The user can add recipe very quickly and it requires only 3 easy steps: click on "add recipe" button in your profile, edit recipe fields and click "save". The same recipe is also easily editable.


vShare allows users to communicate directly and send messages. This option (along with following other users option) makes vShare not only the recipes collection but also the vegetarian community.


Prototype of vShare is created with Axure and available under the link below 

(filter option is in process - coming soon)

vShare is in testing process now. More updates and UI design is going to be implemented soon.